Best Ways to Color Grade In Lightroom Mobile Android/IOS

Most of us click the picture and some look good and some don’t look good but let me tell you that, editing is the only way by which you can make your bad-looking picture into a masterpiece picture. so here in this blog, I will teach you the Best Ways to Color Grade In Lightroom Mobile.

What is Lightroom?

Lightroom is one of the best editing apps for Android and IOS. With the help of Lightroom, we can change the image colors and change everything in the image, such as brightness, saturation, exposure, etc. Lightroom is an Adobe application, as we all know Adobe Photoshop, lightroom is like a mobile version of Photoshop for editing. It has a free version and a premium version. The free version is enough for beginners to color grade. If you want to color grade professionally, then you need to buy the premium version for better results.

Why Color Grade?

As we all know there are lots of professional images available on the internet, all those images look very good but let me tell you that most of those images were color graded. at first, nobody gets a good image but if we edit those images then it will become a professional-looking image. so color grade can change the whole structure of an image.

How To Color Grade In Lightroom Mobile

  • So, for Color Grade in Lightroom Mobile, you need to import the image first from your device and then open the image in Lightroom, for example, I will be editing this image and I will provide you a screenshot for a better example.
Best Ways to Color Grade In Lightroom Mobile Android/IOS
  • Then you will see many options, such as Healing, crop, auto, light, etc., so if you want to crop the image without reducing the quality, then click the crop option and then crop the image. There you will see the automatic option, but don’t use the automatic option because it will automatically color grade your image, which doesn’t look good.
  • Now click on the lighting options to adjust the lighting of the image. If your image is too dark, then increase the image’s exposure; if there is too much light, decrease the exposure of an image.
  • After that, adjust the contrast of the image as needed. If the brightness is too high, reduce the brightness of the image. Now the shadow in my image is very low, my image is very dark, so I increased the shadow of the image, and then the light of my image became perfect.
  • When you finish editing the light, go to the color options, where you will see the option to color grade the color of the image. Increase the image’s vibrance and decrease the image’s saturation slightly, which will make your image more colorful.
How To Color Grade In Lightroom Mobile Android/IOS
  • So first click on a red and increase its saturation (this is to correct the red part of an image, if you have worn red clothes it will change your color if you change your hue, your lip color will also change because it is also a red color)
How To Color Grade In Lightroom Mobile Android/IOS colors
  • Now click on orange after selecting orange (this color is mainly used for face color and other oranges), increase its brightness, make your face whiter, and slightly lower the saturation to -5.
  • Now click on yellow and increase its saturation, if you want to change its color, change its hue. If it is too bright, reduce its brightness.
  • If you want to change its color to yellow, now go to green and increase its saturation and decrease its hue. You can simply change the color of that color by lowering the hue.
  • then go to sky blue and change its saturation, if you want the sky to be more colorful, then go to blue to adjust the blue as needed, then slightly adjust the pink and purple color as per your need.
  • Now after the color grading goes to the effects section and go to the Vignette option and reduce to -20, this will bring a black border to your photo. Then go to the detail options and add clarity and detail, and you are ready to go.
How To Color Grade In Lightroom Mobile Android/IOS

This is how it looks, I just changed normal photos to beautiful photos. The photo on the left is very dark with a lot of backlighting, but the photo on the right is perfect.


My goal for this article was to explain how to color grade in Lightroom Mobile for Android and iOS. If this helps, don’t forget to help your friend by sharing this article so that he can also learn how to edit photos in lightroom. thankyou soo much for visiting THATSMYAPK.

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